About Robert Caldwell

Robert was born in the first month of the first year of the Baby Boom generation.  He’s been here the whole time, living, observing and participating in the changes that have occurred.  This blog, MentorBoom, is intended for other Boomers who, as we age, are still eager to participate fully and to find ways to live more satisfying and fulfilling lives.

The raw material of this blog will be the wisdom I gleaned from a 15 year mentor relationship with Arno Hart.  Arno escaped Nazi Germany, barely.  From his vast experience he taught relationship.  Relationship with self, with others and with the divine from which we all emerge and return.

Hopefully, this blog will provide a forum for community building.  It is designed to be a platform for sharing the wisdom we all possess, wisdom that each of us and our world sorely needs in these interesting times.

Robert has coached, counseled and advised family owned business leaders and corporate executives.  He is the Babcock Family Business Fellow at Wake Forest University, has kept a journal for 35 years and is an avid folk musician.


3 Responses to About Robert Caldwell

  1. Sandy says:

    Will be interesting to see how this develops, Robert. Can’t wait………we are an interesting generation!

  2. Chris McLeod says:

    And you meditate too?? That helps explains your wisdom, peaceful nature and clarity of focus.

  3. mentorboom says:

    Thank you Chris! This was a wonderful life lesson instilled in just those few words, Have you tried being quiet?

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